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Research packages

Research packages

My research packages offer...

  • meticulous and thorough research to the highest standards
  • comprehensive reporting
  • copies of documents found with sources annotated
  • excellent mapping of locations where your ancestors lived
  • guidance about further research possibilities

Fixed fee commissions

Irish genealogy is challenging and often frustrating due to the lack of 19th century census records, the late introduction of civil registrations and incomplete church registers.


I am a fully accredited professional  genealogist with over 12 years experience and am familiar with Irish archives and Irish sources.  As a result, I can quickly determine the most effective research strategies and identify the record collections that are most likely to hold the documents you seek.  This approach can increase the chances of success as well as providing additional benefits of saving time and controlling costs.


I offer 2 fixed-fee family history research packages to help people who are tracing their Irish roots.  These are particularly useful for those who are unable to visit record offices in Ireland.



I offer 2 packages

Discovery Package

Martin looking fout from top of mountain

The Discovery Package is designed to commission 5 hours of meticulous, thorough and comprehensive genealogical research. 

The starting point is typically an ancestor (e.g. a grandparent) about whom there is verifiable information available. 

This commission is normally sufficient to enable a deep and thorough search of available sources for an ancestor and family.  In many cases this will allow a single family line to be traced back through 2 earlier generations covering at least 6 further ancestors.

The aim is to allow significant research work to proceed while controlling costs.

All relevant sources will be consulted including civil and church records, available census returns, land valuations, wills, census substitutes and local sources.

A Discovery Package also endeavours to identify and describe the land where your ancestors lived.

I offer thorough research carefully presented in an easy-to-understand, well documented and comprehensive report.  Copies of all relevant records found are included and all sources are carefully annotated.

The Discovery Package is offered at a fixed price of €275.  There may be expenses for documents found charged at cost.

To enquire about a Discovery Package please contact me.

Initial Assessment

Irish Genealogist's Report, certificates and Family Tree

If there is only a little information available about an Irish ancestor, an alternative to  commissioning a significant tranche of research is to request an Initial Assessment.  

This provides basic research for a fixed price. 

The aim is to try to find the ancestor and family and then to assess whether there is a solid verifiable foundation to support more detailed genealogical work.

Consequently, an Assessment can prevent commissioning research that has little chance of success and so avoid wasting money on fruitless searches.

It offers a pragmatic and affordable first step in researching Irish ancestors.

The Initial Assessment is offered at a fixed price of €150.  This includes all expenses, including documents.  There are no extras.

I offer meticulous, thorough, well documented and carefully presented research.  Copies of all relevant records found are included and all sources will be carefully annotated. 

Details of the research lines followed and findings will be presented.  I will evaluate the results and also identify those research options that have a good possibility of success before recommending a personal research strategy.

To enquire about an Initial Assessment please contact me.

What will be delivered?

Genealogical Report

A full Genealogical Report is provided with the Discovery Package and with an Initial Assessment.

A Genealogical Report contains:

  • A description of the research conducted
  • An analysis of findings
  • Verified genealogy of your ancestor where possible
  • Copies of relevant civil and church records
  • Copies of relevant census returns
  • High resolution maps of where your ancestor lived and worked, where this is possible (Discovery Package only)
  • Transcriptions of handwritten documents which cannot be copied
  • Guidance about further research possibilities
Research tools with Family History binder, family trees, reports and notes

Refund Guarantee

Invariably there will be situations where it is impossible to deliver the full Discovery Package outputs because of the absence of civil registration records or parish registers. In these cases I offer a Refund Guarantee.

Only work completed will be charged and you will receive a pro-rata refund for work that cannot be completed.


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