Michael Walsh


Costs of family history research

Research fees

My hourly rate for all genealogical work is €50 plus expenses, where applicable.

Expenses typically can include travel costs, search fees, photocopying, charges for obtaining civil documents, postage etc. all of which are charged at cost.  All expenses are notified and agreed in advance.

A minimum research assignment is 2 hours of professional effort.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are charged are the rate of €75 per hour to cover the professional effort of preparing and presenting bespoke tuition modules as well as any follow-up questions and discussions.

A minimum tuition assignment is 1 hour of professional effort.

Gift Vouchers

I can provide Gift Vouchers for those who wish to give a gift of a genealogical research commission.

The number of hours of professional research commissioned is at the client’s discretion, but a minimum of 2 hours applies.


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