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Like any working mother, Spears-Lopez manages a lot in a day. … N.A. (12) MetLife, Inc. (5) Microsoft Corporation (1) MITRE Corporation (1) Morgan . Like any working mother, Spears-Lopez manages a lot in a day. Her regimen includes activities with her dogs, classes with her daughter, and chores around the house. She also manages to devote time to her body, attending treatments that no girl can miss. Here we can’t either, and the next time Britney Spears shows up in public, we’ll be watching her body with interest. And here’s her photo. Britney Spears and David Beckham: Despite their status, the couple has a pretty friendly Relationship. They spend a lot of time together. They have a great relationship. Here’s a picture of them together. They’ve been together for about 10 years. And here’s a picture of David in a Britney t-shirt. They look good together. Britney and David met in 2005 through mutual friends. They haven’t parted ways since then. In 2010, David proposed to Britney. She gave her consent. And here are their engagement photos. They have a very trusting relationship. David considers Britney his best friend. They’ve even traveled the country together. Britney Spears and her new boyfriend David Lucado vacationed together. They rode mountain bikes, went to the woods for mushrooms and fishing. By the way, David was the only man Britney had been dating lately. They talked about their relationship in an interview with US Magazine. David Lucado is an attorney who is also the editor-in-chief of The Blonds. He helped Britney when she was still a young Britney Spears. David considers Britney his best friend and is very proud of her. And, when she got sick, he helped her in any way he could. But Britney, according to him, never thanked him as she should have. Nowadays, all stars try to support each other, but Britney doesn’t seem to think about it. Britney recently revealed that when she was anorexic, she started smoking. “I smoked back then. I didn’t have any cigarettes. So I started going to a young lady who works at the hospital, and she gave me herbs. They didn’t make me think about food, I only thought about smoking. I saw in my dreams that I was smoking. Then I started taking drugs, which I bought in the pharmacy on Rakov Street. I did not know that they were illegal drugs, I just saw that they helped me and took them. I was not satisfied with them, I wanted to get rid of them. One day I went to Rakov Street and they were taking banned drugs, I bought them, some woman gave them to me, I drank them, and after a while I started to feel very bloated in the stomach and felt sick. I immediately ran to the clinic, they gave me some pills, they helped me and my bloating went away. – And then what happened? – Then I came home, I started vomiting and I got very sick. I vomited for three days, I felt nauseous, I had a fever. – What next, what next? They put me in the hospital, I was there for a month. And when I got home, everything became clear to me. I understood everything, what they were doing there. And when I came back from the hospital, I called my mother and told her that I wasn’t feeling well.




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