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Irish citizenship

Irish citizenship

I offer 2 Options:

1. Research

Birth, marriage and death civil registration Certificates

I undertake a thorough and meticulous search for the documents that you will need from your line of Irish descent to support your application for Irish Citizenship.

The most important document required is that which confirms the Irish birth or registration of your parent/grandparent or, in some cases, your great grandparent.

The civil registration of all births, marriages and deaths began in Ireland in 1864.  If the birth and/or marriage of your ancestor was before 1864, then I will search earlier parish registers and contact local parishes to obtain authenticated versions of baptismal and marriage certificates which the authorities require.

Cost €250.


2. Research and Support

Family Tree chart, Genealogy documents, civil registration certificates, reports and magnifying glass

This option includes the research and provision of the full Irish civil certificates or the authenticated church certificates needed to support an application for Irish citizenship as summarised above.

But in addition, I offer advice and consultancy throughout the whole of the application process.  I will obtain the required Irish documents and provide you with guidance on the application process.  I will also advise on the set of documents you need to assemble in order to fully support your application.

I will guide and help you through the entire application process and will be available for consultation by e-mail or telephone throughout.

Cost €350.

Refund Guarantee

If the required civil or church records cannot be found, then I offer a pro-rata Refund for research hours not expended.


Each application is unique and application requirements may vary.

Please get in touch to discuss requirements.

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