Family Lines

Your Family Tree...

I research, design and print Family Trees

Your Family Tree...


I research, design and print

Family Trees

Family Trees

I research, design and print Family Trees. 


These are charts which present family relationships extending back over generations in a conventional tree structure.  They are professionally printed and can be displayed on a wall or kept as a family heirloom.


Each Tree is developed and designed to meet the unique requirements of the customer.


The layout, format and content of each tree are all highly customisable.

Introduction to Family Trees

The starting point or root person for tracing your Irish roots is a recent ancestor from the 20th century that you have selected. 

There are then 4 steps in the process:

1. Research

Starting with 1 root person e.g. a grandfather, I will try and trace your family history back covering a minimum of 3 further generations and including a minimum of 14 antecedents.

Spouses and siblings can be included.

Family Tree chart, Genealogy documents, civil registration certificates, reports and magnifying glass

2. Documents

I will find and assemble civil and church records (where available) for a minimum of 14 direct antecedents and obtain copies.

3. Printing


I will arrange the professional printing of your  Family Tree on large size quality paper, which is then carefully rolled and delivered by post in a robust tube.

Family History binder and magnifying glass

4. Reporting


I will provide a Genealogical Report which outlines your family tree and a generation by generation Report as well as supporting documents.



Researching, designing and printing Family Trees are bespoke assignments as each Tree is unique and requirements vary.


Please get in touch to discuss requirements.

Tree image with title "Family Tree" symbolising family history research to find Irish Ancestors and build a Family Tree chart
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