Family Lines

Discover your family story...

Discover your family story...

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Most of us are proud of our Irish roots, but few of us know very much about our ancestors, the communities they came from, the conditions they faced, the work they did or why they moved.

Good family research is fundamentally about seeing our ancestors as people.  Family history research can help satisfy our innate curiosity about our ancestors – about who they were and where came from.

But family history can take us further.

Discovering more about our ancestors may help us understand ourselves better and appreciate what makes us who we are.

If you know where your ancestors came from and understand the struggles they endured and the hardships they suffered, you may come to respect the culture and traditions of your forebears and understand the economic and social forces that shaped their lives.  In a very real sense a family’s history can reflect the history of a nation.

Family history is really one family’s story.  Nowadays families are spread across the world and can easily grow apart.  But sharing a common family story and a common heritage can bring families closer together.

Every family has a story.

I would be delighted to help you trace your Irish roots and discover your Irish family story.

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Discover more about the challenges of Irish genealogy...

Discover more about the challenges of Irish genealogy...

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