Family Lines


My services...

  • professional Irish family history research
  • help for people doing their own research
  • designing and printing Family Trees
  • supporting applicants for Irish citizenship

About me...

  • 10 years professional experience
  • Fully qualified member of Accredited Genealogists Ireland
  • Member of the national AGI Council
  • My aim is to help those whose ancestors left Ireland for America, Britain and elsewhere discover their ancestors

Research services

I offer an extensive range of research services designed to help people find their Irish ancestors  from help to overcome immediate obstacles to full research commissions.

My services also include reviews of work completed, tuition to help people use Irish archives effectively and assessments for those with little information about their ancestors.

Family Trees

I develop and design Family Trees that are highly customisable and professionally printed.

The aim for most is to research their family as far as records will allow and to display the results in a comprehensive layered Family Tree or chart that can be hung proudly on the lounge wall or kept as a family heirloom.

Irish citizenship

I offer a full and comprehensive  support service to guide people through the process of applying for Irish citizenship.

I can provide guidance on the process and obtain the necessary Irish documentation  as well as being available for consultation throughout the process.

I can also help those who prefer to do their own research...


  • breaking down “brick walls”
  • offering practical help to the researcher

Let’s get started!

Michael would be delighted to discuss your research aims and your requirements.

Tel:    00-353-98-64746


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