Irish Family Trees

Irish family tree


I develop, design and print Family Trees. These are traditional visual interpretations of family histories which can be kept as family heirlooms or hung on a wall.



The starting point is a 20th century ancestor that you have selected.  I will endeavour to trace ONE line of your Irish family history back through up to 3 generations, typically to an ancestor born in the mid 19th Century.


Irish family tree


All relevant sources will be consulted, including 20th century census returns, civil registration records, church registers and land and property valuations.






These are generally bespoke assignments, but the 2 most popular examples are presented below:



Standard Model

    • Starting with the root person, traces family history back 3 generations to include 14 ancestors and 8 grand parents
    • Develops and designs a Family Tree on A2/A3 paper
    • Prints a Family Tree professionally on A2/A3 paper, rolled and presented in a robust tube
    • Provides a Genealogical Report showing family tree outline and a generation by generation report

Cost €975


Premium Model

    • Provides a comprehensive family history starting with the root person, going back 3 generations to include all family lines, siblings and 8 grand parents
    • Obtains full civil and/or church records (where available) for a minimum of 14 direct ancestors presented in a hard backed binder
    • Delivers a professionally designed and printed Family Tree on A1/A2 paper suitable for framing and wall display, rolled and presented in a robust tube
    • Completes a comprehensive family history with additional information, including census information, church records, newspaper clips, location information etc.

Cost €2,650



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If you have little information

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a solid basis

for further research,

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