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I offer a number of family history research services to help people who are tracing their own irish roots.  The aim is to provide practical genealogy help to those who are trying to discover their Irish family story. Several are particularly useful for those who are unable to visit record offices in Ireland.


Professional research

I can carry out specific Irish family history research assignments.   Irish genealogy is challenging and often frustrating due to the lack of 19th century census records, the late introduction of a civil registration system to Ireland and incomplete church records.

So, what can I expect for my money?

10 hours of research (€500) is generally sufficient to develop a single family line covering 3 generations.   However, the amount of information that can be discovered about your ancestors is clearly determined by the records that have survived and the information they contain.

The approach is to prepare a Research Plan initially and agree this with the client. This governs my scope, fees and timescale. As I work through the agreed Plan I will consult will the client at each stage. Research strategy is continually reviewed ensuring that research effort is not wasted but is carefully targetted.

In the uncertain world of genealogy, I prefer to work carefully and methodically on a step by step basis to ensure value for money for my clients.


Online research

I am happy to undertake specific online Irish family history research assignments.  There is a paucity of Irish geneaological data available online to family history researchers.  Almost all the 19th century census returns were destroyed.  Records of the 1821, 1831, 1841 and 1851 censuses were destroyed by fire at the Four Courts in Dublin during the Civil War in 1922.  Returns from 1851 to 1891 were reduced to pulp by government decree as part of the 1914-18 war effort.  Consequently, no 19th century census records are available online.  


Irish Genealogist working on Irish Family History research at his computer

However, the amount of Irish family history source information available online continues to grow.  Knowledge and experience is needed to find, analyse and use online primary sources. After a career in information processing technology, I am well placed to undertake this type of research.


<Irish Family History researcher working on Irish genealogy on his  computer

If you prefer not to spent hours immobilised in front of a computer screen or are baffled by computers or are simply overwhelmed by the proliferation of geneaology websites and databases, then I will be happy to help and do some of the research for you.


Irish citizenship

I offer 2 Options:


I undertake a thorough and meticulous search for all the documents that you will need from your line of Irish descent side to support your application for Irish Citizenship.

The most important document required is that which confirms the Irish birth or registration of your parent/grandparent or, in some cases, great grandparent.

If the birth or marriage of your ancestor was before 1864, when the civil registration of all births, marriages and deaths began in Ireland, then I will search parish registers to obtain records or transcriptions of baptisms/christenings and marriages. Cost €250.


If required documentation cannot be found, I offer a pro-rata Refund for hours not expended.


Research and Support

This option includes the research and provision of the certified Irish civil or church records needed to support an application for Irish citizenship as summarised above.

But in addition, I offer advice and consultancy throughout the whole application process. I will obtain Irish documents and either provide or locate application forms. I will also advise on what documents you need to support the application in your own country.

I will guide and help you through the entire application process and will be available to consult with by e-mail or telephone throughout. Cost €350.


If required documentation cannot be found, I offer a pro-rata Refund for hours not expended.



Irish Archival research

I am happy to undertake Irish family history document searches in national or local archives.  The bulk of Irish family history records are not available online.  Consequently, to trace family histories, the researcher inevitably is required to make several trips to the centralised archives in Dublin or Belfast.  Here civil registration records and church registers are held and can be accessed by researchers.


Irish birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial certificates

I am happy to undertake this type of research for you in any national or local record office in Ireland.  In addition, I happy to consider any bespoke research tasks.  


I am a thorough, careful, diligent and well-organised researcher who offers a reliable service.  Results will carefully analysed and presented attractively along with copies or transcriptions of docments found.


On location Irish research and photography

Cahir island on the west coast of Ireland

I can offer to visit locations anywhere on the island of Ireland to undertake specific genealogy research.  This may be to track down and record inscriptions on a family grave headstone, to check a school location or to see if a dwelling is still standing or a farm still exists.


Irish ancestral gravestone in Armagh

Irish ancestral church in Armagh


I can also provide clients with a minimum of 50 digital images of graveyards, churches, schools and other places of family interest.


These services are charged individually.





I can offer to help with presenting your family histories.  If you have finished your research work or part of it and would like to use computer facilities to generate family trees, charts and other printed material, I may be able to help.  Please contact me to discuss your particular requirements.




My hourly rate is €50 plus expenses.

Expenses typically include travel costs, search fees, photocopying, ordering civil documents, postage etc..


If travel is required to visit Dublin archives, then I charge a fixed rate of €50 per day. All projected expenses will be identified and estimated in advance to avoid any surprises!


On the rare occasions overnight accommodation is required, then this is charged at up to €150 per night spent away from home.


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