Tracing Irish families in Britain


Family History - Irish and British passports

I offer a comprehensive family history research service for those whose ancestors emigrated from Ireland to Great Britain and are keen to trace their Irish roots..





Maintaining a single family tree

Irish family tree

I can trace family ancestry in both Ireland and Britain and bring the results together to maintain a single family tree.


You may have thought about looking into your ancestry but perhaps your Irish ancestors emigrated to Great Britain and you are faced with the daunting task of tracing family histories in two countries.



Family history research in Britain

I can undertake research into your family who emigrated to Scotland, Wales or England and include the results with your Irish family history..

Irish family tree chart

Typically I will trace ONE line of your family tree in Britain (Scotland, Wales, England) e.g. your father, and follow the direct male line through father, grandfather, great-grandfather etc.  More research lines can be undertaken e.g mother and father, by agreement.

This research traces Births, Marriages and Deaths of each ancestor back to the mid 1800s and provides details of births, baptisms, marriages, deaths, burials in Britain, occupations and resident addresses where available.


Birth, marriage and deaths records

Irish birth, marriage, death certficates

I may need to purchase Births, Marriage, Death Certificates from Britain to confim the identities of your ancestors.  In these cases I will pass on the exact cost of obtaining the certificates.  I will also contact you before any additional costs are incurred.


I aim to provide a comprehensive service that combines Irish and British records and provides a seamless and integrated family tree.



Please be aware that in some cases families may prove impossible to trace.  In these cases I will only charge for agreed work that has been carried out.


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