Irish Family History Packages

Irish Family History packages are designed to commission thorough and extensive genealogical research for a fixed price. The story of your Irish ancestry will be presented in a narrative format designed to make interesting reading, rather than as a factual list and will include key documents found.


All relevant online and archival sources will be consulted, including 20th century census returns, civil registration records, church registers and land and property valuations.


What will be discovered?

Clearly my ability to deliver a package is limited by the availability and quality of information that can be found for each ancestor. Each family history is unique and the time and effort required to uncover a family history trail will vary enormously due to a variety of factors such as geography, religion, occupation, social status.  Clearly this affects not only how far back I can trace your ancestors, but also how much research effort is involved.  Consequently, the effort required to deliver a full family history rarely fits into a fixed time and cost budget.


Family History packages: a staged approach

As a result, I have developed 2 main packages as an affordable approach to undertaking research.

Assessment Project

This addresses situations where there is is very little information available about an ancestor born in Ireland. The aims are to verify the information you have about your Irish ancestor and provide a solid foundation for more extensive research. 

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Discovery Package

This provides 6 hours of deep and thorough research. In most cases, this allows an Irish family history to be tracked back through a number of generations.



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This staged approach ensures that each Family History package is agreed separately and that later stages build on the work done before.  This is the most efficient way of undertaking work and the most effective way of controlling costs.


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If you have little information

about an Irish ancestor and want

to do an initial search to

assess if there is

a solid basis

for further research,

then please

consider my

Assessment Project

If you are not

sure what help you need then please consider my

Free Consultation