Irish Family History:    Discovery package


Irish Genealogy is a voyage of discovery

The Discovery package provides extensive Irish family history research for a fixed price.  It offers thorough well documented and carefully presented research for those who want to trace their Irish roots.


Irish Family History birth, marriage certificates

The aim is to allow significant research work to proceed while controlling costs. This package sanctions 6 hours of professional genealogical research.  In most cases a wealth of family history information will be discovered.  Family histories can be tracked back through generations.   All research work is fully documented and sources identified.

Without an initial Assessment  (for more details click  Assessment Project), the ancestor information will have to be verified and documented as part of the Discovery Package.


Genealogical Assignment Report

Irish Family History presentation binder

You will receive a Genealogical Assignment Report containing:

  • A summary of the research conducted

  • Verified details of the ancestor you have chosen, including Townland and Parish, where possible

  • Copies of relevant Birth/Marriage/Death records

  • Copies of relevant church records

  • Copies of relevant census returns

  • Transcriptions of relevant handwritten documents which cannot be copied

  • Guidance about further research possibilities


The Discovery Package is offered at a competitive fixed price of €250.

This includes all materials, travel costs, research fees, photocopying and postage charges.  There are no extras.


To request a Discovery Package please send an email specifying your particular requirement and providing supporting information to:


Supporting information typically might be detail of your ancestor's name, key family events, ages, family members, religious affiliation, where they lived etc.


Alternatively call me to discuss:

+353 (0)98 64746





Invariably there will be situations when it is impossible to deliver the full Package outputs because of the absence of civil registration records or parish registers. In these cases I offer a Refund Guarantee which is explained below.


Refund Guarantee

If the family chosen proves to be impossible to trace due, for example, to the absence of civil or church records, then I offer a Refund Guarantee. Only work completed will be charged and you will receive a pro-rata refund for work that cannot be completed.


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If you have little information

about an Irish ancestor and want

to do an initial search to

assess if there is

a solid basis

for further research,

then please

consider my

Assessment Project

If you are not

sure what help you need then please consider my

Free Consultation