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I am a professional Irish genealogist and family history researcher based in Ireland.  I offer a full Irish genealogy service designed to help people discover their Irish roots.  As well as undertaking bespoke Irish family history research projects and building family trees, I also offer a range of flexible services to support those who are researching their own Irish ancestry.

Church at summit of Croagh Patrick, Ireland

My particular interest is in tracing family histories for those who emigrated from Ireland to Great Britain or the USA.  The idea is to produce a single family tree while sourcing documents from the relevant countries.

My aim is to provide a personal service that meets the needs of individual clients.


Tracing your Irish roots

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If you have Irish connections, then you may have often thought about tracing your roots in Ireland. You may have also considered travelling to Ireland to verify and document details about your Irish ancestors and discover where they came from, but need some help.


I may be able to help you discover more about your Irish family tree. 

My aims

I aim to help those:

  • who want help with their Irish family history research

  • who do not live in Ireland but want to learn more about their Irish ancestry

  • who want a competent and reliable person to visit record offices and archives to undertake research work for them in Ireland

  • who are keen to learn more about their Irish ancestors but do not have the time to do the research themselves

  • who want to come to Ireland to see where their ancestors came from

  • whose ancestors emigrated to the USA or Britain and would like to trace their family histories in both countries

Genealogy services

Irish census document

I specialise in researching and documenting individual Irish family histories.  There several packages available offering a phased approach to completing your research.  In addition, I undertake specific genealogical projects and am also happy to work on a hourly basis.

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Family History research

From my base in Ireland, I can provide practical help to people working on their own Irish family history.  In particular, I am a competent and diligent researcher who can carry out specific research work such as document searches for those with little time or who are unable to visit record offices in Ireland.  My services also include organising guided tours for those who are coming to Ireland and want to see where their ancestors lived.

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Discovering your family story

Most of us are proud of our Irish roots, but few of us know very much about our ancestors, the communities they came from, the conditions they faced, the work they did or why they moved.

Irish Genealogy is a journey of discovery

Good family research, however, is about seeing our ancestors as people. Family history research can help satisfy our innate curiosity about ancestors - about who they were, where came from and possibly what they looked like.


But family history can take us further.

Discovering more about our ancestors may help us understand ourselves better and appreciate what makes us who we are.  If you know where your ancestors came from and realise the struggles they endured and the hardships they suffered, you may come to respect the culture and traditions of your forebears and understand the economic and social forces that shaped their lives. In a very real sense a family's history reflects the history of a nation.

Irish family history - woman ancestor

Irish family history - man ancestor

Family history is really one family's story. Nowadays families are spread across the world and can easily grow apart.  But sharing a common family story and a common heritage can bring families closer together.


Every family has a story. I would be delighted to help you trace your Irish roots and discover your Irish family story.

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If you feel that I may be able to help, then please get in touch.  If you are not sure how I might help or are uncertain about your next steps, then please take advantage of my free no-obligation Consultation.

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